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Overseas sales promotion

For developing new sales channel in the overseas market, it is critical to explore new customers who understand the quality and additional value of your businesses, products and services.

Despite the fact that Japanese manufacturing and technological competitiveness is at the top level but with domestic market of Japan now starting to shrink, there is a urgent need of market expansion (increasing sales) while maintaining high quality of products and services.

What is important in expanding business overseas is to find your local customer (or Target) who appreciate the product value which is in line with quality standards offered in Japan. Expanding business and dealing with competition through lower prices is certainly not a long term sustainable model for growth in business.

Key areas of focus for consulting include the following:

(1) maintain the domestic production base, and not unreasonably planning to relocate production sites 

(2) as a basic rule, explore  market by export business

(3) develop local distributers or seek OEM to establish thorough local backup system for maintenance (extensive after-sales-service)

We conduct global survey throughout the year focusing to serve businesses operating in ASIAN market where developing local distribution channel is one of our main specialty. In addition, promoting sales to high-profile (major) Japanese companies will put business on track to success (make it possible to facilitate the business activities).

We are involved in advising busineses on every part of their value chain with an objective to help Japanese businesses build sustainable growth and prosperity


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Our main field of consultation

  • Support existing business to develop overseas sales channel
  • Survey on exploring for promising countries to expand business to coordination of market development activity
  • Examination of the  overseas market (size, structure, competitors)
  • Proposal to cultivate overseas suppliers to build up supply-chains
  • Survey on seek to find new local business partners, distributors
  • Survey on seek to find OEM by evaluating market research
  • Explore a merger partner or corporate partnerships