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    Hometown Tax Donation (Furusato Nozei)
    JAPAN TAX BULLETIN Hometown Tax Donation (Furusato Nozei)
    Hometown Tax donation (Furusato Nozei) is a system that allows individuals to receive income tax and inhabitant tax deductions for donations made to local governments of their choice. In addition, since the donor can receive return gifts from the recipient local government, the number and amount of such donations have been increasing in recent years attracting more and more attention. This article explains how it works and how the tax amount is reduced.
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    Tax Reductions for Residents
    JAPAN TAX BULLETIN Tax Reductions for Residents
    In accordance with the 2024 Japan Tax Reform, fixed amount of tax credit against National Income Tax and Local Inhabitant Tax will be implemented. This tax credit is a one-time deal and applicable to 2024 National Income Tax and 2024/25 Local Inhabitant Tax payable from June 2024.
    1 min read |
    Navigating the New Horizons of Japan's Controlled Foreign Company Regime
    JAPAN TAX BULLETIN Navigating the New Horizons of Japan's Controlled Foreign Company Regime
    In the ever-evolving landscape of international taxation, the Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) regime has emerged as a critical tool for jurisdictions seeking to curb tax avoidance through the strategic allocation of profits to subsidiaries in low-tax jurisdictions. This article aims to unpack the complexities of the CFC regime, with a focus on the recent amendments in Japan, providing a comprehensive understanding for businesses and tax professionals navigating these changes.
    1 min read |
    Taxation of a Nini Kumiai (“NK”), a form of partnership under the Civil Code
    JAPAN TAX BULLETIN Taxation of a Nini Kumiai (“NK”), a form of partnership under the Civil Code
    An NK is a partnership stipulated in the Civil Code. NKs are sometimes used to design tax shelter products. This bulletin contains an overview of the legal framework of NKs in the Civil Code, tax treatments of NKs, discusses a court case where a judgement was made on a tax shelter structure using an NK and the anti-avoidance rules.
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    Bad Debt Loss and Bad Debt Allowance
    JAPAN TAX BULLETIN Bad Debt Loss and Bad Debt Allowance
    A corporation is allowed to deduct monetary claims when they become fully unrecoverable. Corporation Tax Law Basic Circular (“CTLBC”) lists cases where a deduction of monetary claims is allowed.
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