Rapid and customised approach to investigations and dispute resolution

Fraud and corruption pose a growing challenge worldwide. The commercial landscape is changing fast. An ever more regulated environment means organisations must adopt stringent governance and compliance processes. As business has become global, there is a need to deal with multi-jurisdictional investigations, litigation, and dispute  resolution, address the threat of cyber-attack and at the same time protect the organisation’s value.

The sheer volume of data generated by modern, digital businesses poses the challenge of quickly  identifying the key facts in the context of reputation and regulatory enforcement issues.

Our forensic capability is integrated with our wider advisory services. It's not an add-on. With the help of our experienced investigators, forensic accountants and computer forensic specialists, our seamless team approach offers you a full range of expertise.

Our solutions

Fraud and regulatory investigations
We investigate suspected fraud, bribery, corruption and money laundering. We offer fraud risk management services and fraud  awareness.

Expert dispute resolution
We provide independent advice on contract breaches, partnership disputes, auditor negligence, shareholder disputes and company  valuations, disputes for corporates, the public sector and individuals.

Digital forensics
Digital forensics and data acquisition services in disputes, fraud and regulatory investigations. Our e-discovery and data analysis can help you identify, collect, recover and preserve electronic evidence quickly and accurately.

To make sure you receive a rapid response in the event of a security or data breach, we can prepare and provide on-going protection.

Insurance solutions
Supporting you to resolve insurance claims, including business interruption, subrogated claims, product recall, personal injury,  fraudulent claims and claims’ reviews