In an ever-increasing environment of global competition, businesses must now cope with not only the complexity of different global operating environments, but also with global tax, legislative and corporate regulatory requirements.

Why is Global Tax Planning Important?

The right tax planning can increase net benefits for businesses as a whole whilst generating tax savings and reducing compliance problems. In addition, by ensuring compliance with all legislative and corporate regulatory requirements business owners are able to devote more time to running their businesses.

As a member of Grant Thornton International (GTIL) having a global network about 500 offices in over 100 countries, we have an integrated team of professionals working in harmony to co-ordinate global tax and corporate compliance and develop tax strategies for the minimisation of global taxation.

Our comprehensive services start from pre-business start-up corporate structuring or business reorganizations to co-ordination of global compliance and ongoing tax and accounting advisory services.

Our International Tax Services

Cross-border Tax Due Diligence and Reorganization

To be able to meet the tight deadlines involved with cross-border M&A, it is important to have a strong network of overseas tax professionals.

Investing in Japan

It is critically important that a client implements a business structure that makes sense from a commercial, financial and tax prespective.

Transfer Pricing Consulting Service

Japan's transfer pricing regulations put the onus on taxpayers to demonstrate that prices of all related party transactions are compliant with the arm’s length principle. Taxpayers should have transfer pricing policies and supporting documentation to reduce audit risk.

Corporate accounting and outsourcing

Outsourcing : Driving Efficiency and Growth

Related Services

Your people are probably your business’ most valuable asset. If you choose to send them overseas you will face certain tax liabilities, social security and pension obligations.

In situations where family members and estates span multiple countries and tax jurisdictions, the differences between each country’s laws can lead to complicated inheritance/estate tax issues. We at Grant Thornton Taiyo Tax Corporation provide inheritance/estate and gift tax compliance and planning services in conjunction with professionals from Grant Thornton International member firms around the World.