Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC

Audit & Assurance Services

With a special focus on twelve business categories, we have built up a great deal of experience, accumulated professional expertise and achieved top class results for auditing of entrepreneurial and mid-sized businesses.

Under our business philosophy of “to form bond of trust with public and our clients”, we have persistently provided our clients with high quality services that meet global standards.

Our services

  • Audit for domestic and international companies in various industries
  • IPO and disclosure advisory
  • Business risk management consultation such as internal control and internal audit
  • Financial due diligence and business evaluation for M&A
  • Restructuring and business recovery advisory


Company Name Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC  
Founded September 1971  
Managing Partner Shigeyoshi Yamada (CEO)  
Akasaka K-tower 19F, 1-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0051 Japan
Tel:(0)3-5474-0111 Fax:(0)3-5474-0112
Osaka Umeda Center Building 25F
2-4-12 Nakazaki-Nishi, Kita-ku
Osaka 530-0015 Japan
Tel:(0)6-6373-3030 Fax:(0)6-6373-3303
Nagoya Daisan Horiuchi Bldg. 7F 4-6-23
Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi,
Aichi 450-0002 Japan
Tel:(0)52-569-5605 Fax:(0)52-569-5606
Kobe Office Kobe Fashionmart. 8F
6-9 Kouyou-cho Naka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 658-0032 Japan
Tel:(0)78-858-9995 Fax:(0)78-858-9996
Sapporo Office Sapporo North Plaza 7F, 4-2-2 Kita1jo-nishi
Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi
Hokkaido 060-000 Japan
Tel:(0)11-596-9351 Fax:(0)11-596-9352
Tohoku Office Sendai Mitsubishi Building 4F, 2-2-1
Chuo,Aoba-ku Sendai-shi
Miyagi 980-0021 Japan
Tel:(0)22-797-2471 Fax:(0)22-797-2472
Niigata Office Daishi-Kaijo Building 5F, 2-1-18 Higashi Odori
Chuo-ku Niigata-shi
Niigata 950-0087 Japan
Tel:(0)25-290-7081 Fax:(0)25-290-7082
Hokuriku Itochu-Kanazawa Bldg. 6F
1-1-18 Hirooka Kanazawa Ishikawa-ken 920-0031 Japan
Tel:(0)76-231-3270 Fax:(0)76-263-9181
Fukui Office Fukui-Chuo Bldg. 3F
3-3-21 Chuo Fukui Fukui-ken 910-0006 Japan
Tel:(0)776-27-3023 Fax:(0)776-26-4331
Toyama Office Toyama-Tokio Marine&Nichido Bldg. 2F
1-6-5 Jinzuhonmachi, Toyama
Toyama 930-0008, Japan
Tel:(0)76-433-3150 Fax:(0)76-433-3625
Chugoku・Shikoku Office

JEI Hiroshima Hatchobori Building 6F, 14-4 Hatchobori
Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi
Hiroshima 730-0013 Japan
Tel:(0)82-511-2671 Fax:(0)82-511-2672


Kyushu Office

Fukuoka Stock Exchange Building 8F, 2-14-2 Tenjin
Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi
Fukuoka 810-000 Japan
Tel:(0)92-718-3071 Fax:(0)92-718-3070