Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC provides audits for preparing for public offering, based on its extensive experience, to many companies aiming to go public.


  • Audits compliant with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act for companies preparing for public offering
  • Short-term investigations for companies preparing for public offering
  • Advisory services for companies preparing for public offering


In applying for a stock listing, according to the rules of the stock exchange, it is necessary to receive an audit certificate from an audit corporation for the period immediately before the listing application (N-2 period) and the period immediately before (N-1 period). This audit is an audit in accordance with the provisions of Article 193-2, Paragraph 1 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and it is necessary to prepare detailed financial documents based on the consolidated financial statements rules, etc.

When auditing for public offering preparation, we recommend using our short-term research service in advance. We also place importance on demonstrating guidance for the establishment of appropriate management control systems, so that companies can properly collect, organize, and analyze management information to enable sustained growth. In addition, to ensure the construction of a stable management control system, we also provide advisory services in collaboration with Grant Thornton Taiyo Advisors Co., Ltd.