The need to develop tax efficient tax structures is becoming increasingly important.

We provide total support from the early due diligence stage right through to implementation of the post-transaction structure, considering not only the tax impact but also assisting with business valuations and planning the business restructuring.


Grant Thornton provides total support for corporate restructuring from pre- to post-restructure, including tax planning and organization to ensure no adverse tax effects using techniques such as stock swaps, stock transfers, mergers, business transfers, corporate divestiture, investment in kind and classified stocks.


Grant Thornton Taiyo Inc. provides valuation services for treasury stock and other capital strategies, reorganization, selling of businesses, business recovery, capital policies and other business strategies. Our services include M&A; planning of measures for minority interests; the introduction of classified stock and employees' stock options; and inheritance tax planning for the succession of assets.

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To be able to meet the tight deadlines involved with cross-border M&A, it is important to have a strong network of overseas tax professionals.