We take the worry out of doing business in China, working closely with Grant Thornton member firms and other professional accounting firms in China.

Providing Tax Updates

Since joining the WTO, China has realized remarkable economic growth, despite serious government and legal restrictions on foreign investment. For foreign investors, understanding Law amendments and the ever-changing business environment is fundamental to business success. We work with local Chinese firms, providing you with  timely information on tax, foreign exchange controls, trading and laws. Specifically we provide:

  • information on China on a monthly basis
  • special information when there are special reforms in China

Local Management Service

Reliance on local presence in China for up to date information may often be challenging. Our local management service line is designed to not only assist the China subsidiary disclose their financials to you but also to help you minimize tax costs, both in Japan and China. Our services include:

  • Assisting with the local company’s monthly audit and monthly financial reports
  • Translating and analyzing local financial information including consolidated reports
  • Advising on improving local business operations
  • Advice on tax minimization strategies and tax payment packages
  • Assisting in applying for tax exemptions and preferential treatments
  • Tracing and controlling fraud in the local entity’s accounts
  • Consulting on overseas fund transfers
  • Consulting on the introduction of multi-currency and multi-language accounting software

Supporting tax and accounting services between Japan and China

Multi-lingual consultants with finance and tax experience in both Japan and China are thin on the ground. Grant Thornton Taiyo Tax Corporation, however, dispatches such experienced Chinese professionals to provide you with the necessary global services and updated information, in both English and Japanese, with resources to assist you to further your business in China including corporate services, transactional based structuring, IPO services, M & A and reorganisation advice.

Transfer Pricing Consulting

According to 2004 statistics released by Chinese authorities, more than 60% of total tax return corrections made by the authorities were related to transfer pricing issues. China’s tax authorities are focusing on transfer pricing audits and increasing in aggressiveness, resulting in taxpayers suffering adjustments and penalties on price distortions.

We provide transfer pricing consultation on appropriate pricing methodologies, supporting documentation and APA services.

Establishment and Closing support services

Moving forward? Unsure what to do next? To minimize tax risk, it is important to consult with tax professionals before any significant business decisions are made. Grant Thornton Taiyo Tax Corporation:

  • Understands our client’s activities to advise on the best structure to enter the Chinese market
  • Consults on, and implements, capital increases or decreases
  • Applies to the relevant authorities to increase the scope of business
  • Consults on, and implements, corporate dissolutions and liquidations