Our response to the end of the "declaration of a state of emergency"


In response to the nationwide ending of the declaration of a state of emergency, issued on May 25, we will continue our efforts to prevent the spread of infection and encourage employees’ telecommuting and staggered working hours. We will continue to operate as we do currently.

Our response to the extension of the "declaration of a state of emergency"


Since Wednesday, April 8, we have been implementing a policy of telecommuting due to the "declaration of a state of emergency" announcement. The state of emergency was due to end on Wednesday May 6 (a public holiday), but as the government is currently in the midst of discussions to extend this period, we have decided to extend our telecommuting policy for the time being.

Our Response to COVID-19


In light of the "declaration of a state of emergency" issued by the Japanese government on April 7 regarding a new coronavirus infection (COVID -19), the Company will implement telecommuting for employees working at its Tokyo and Osaka offices from Wednesday, April 8 to Wednesday May 6 (public holiday) in order to reduce the risk of further infection spread.

Conclusion of a basic agreement toward merger with YUSEI Audit & Co.


Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC and YUSEI Audit & Co. have reached a basic agreement to begin discussions toward a merger on July 1, 2018.