We focus on identifying and resolving issues affecting profitability, protecting enterprise value and facilitating a full recovery where possible.Our assignments vary from financially robust companies seeking to acquire underperforming competitors, to distressed businesses requiring an urgent solution.

We provides total support for corporate restructuring; aimed to respond to dramatic changes in the management environment.      

Our services range from proposals of the most suitable business structure to assessment of the merger and stock exchange ratio, transaction design after reorganization, and the implementation of a consolidated tax system.      

The optimal corporate structure varies according to the external environment and the internal environment centered around human resources.      

We make proposals by maximizing various methods and techniques such as stock swaps, stock transfers, mergers, business transfers, corporate divestiture, investment in kind and classified stocks.

When a company is reorganized, asset transfers and stock transfers, which were previously taxable, may be tax exempt if the specified requirements are met. In addition, "net loss carried forward" and "latent loss of assets" can be carried over for tax purposes. It is important to examine structures that achieve the purposes of reorganization with minimum tax payments. With the cooperation of external specialists, we provide the documentation required by commercial law at minimum cost.

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