Reassessing your mobility program.

Integral to achieving an effective global mobility strategy is a keen understanding of the compliance landscape for the territories and industry sectors in which our clients operate.

Now could be the time to examine your expatriate tax program to assess whether it achieves individual tax and social security compliance and payroll reporting requirements, minimise tax authority reviews and challenges, and manages both the individual and corporate tax and compliance risks inherent in global mobility.

Grant Thornton’s Global Mobility Services (GMS) helps companies address:

  • Permanent establishment risks created by international assignees!
  • Structuring and documenting international assignments!
  • Tax-efficient compensation structuring and packaging!
  • Arrival and departure tax briefings!
  • Home and host country tax filing requirement!
  • Individual tax compliance risk management!
  • Tax-efficient exit strategies for returning assignees!
  • Nonresident tax filing requirement!
  • Short-term assignees and frequent business travellers!
  • Neutralization of foreign taxes assessed on internal assignees!
  • Tax treaty matters!
  • Transfer pricing for cross-border labor!
  • Overseas asset reporting and other information reporting!
  • Global equity tax planning and reporting!
  • Social security compliance!
  • Bilateral social security agreement matters!
  • Tax audit representation and assistance!
  • Drafting mobility policies

Contact us to learn more about Grant Thornton’s International Expatriate Tax Services. We can also help with:

  • Immigration and Visa
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employment Law
  • Payroll Processing and Social Security Compliance
  • Due Diligence and Internal Audits