The art of human resource management.

In a fast-changing global marketplace, the ability to document and execute negotiated terms of employment is crucial to attracting, developing and retaining your key talent. Survival and growth of your businesses hinges on undertaking major business reorganization or expansion.

Regardless of your business's situation and needs, balancing of employees’ diverse preferences and management expectations under a legal framework is an art that requires careful attention and management. Grant Thornton’s employment law professionals work closely with Global Mobility Services and corporate tax colleagues to ensure coordinated management of all practice areas.

The following are the areas in which we typically provide employment law support whether you are starting up a company, during the lifecycle of your company or during restructuring and termination processes.

Start up considerations include:

  • Managing and advising on the optimum employment structure
  • Ensuring local compliance of employment contract and documentations
  • Drafting and implementing HR policies

Ongoing advisory services include:

  • Employment law compliance
  • Structuring and documenting international assignments
  • Managing employee relations
  • Reviewing and updating HR policies
  • Managing and advising on business acquisitions and divestures

Restructuring and termination processes include:

  • Managing and advising on restructuring programs
  • Reducing people related costs
  • Complex individual dismissals
  • Documenting and negotiating settlements

Contact us to learn more about Grant Thornton’s Employment Law Services. We can also help with:

  • Visa Services
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Payroll Processing and Social Security Compliance
  • International Expatriate Tax
  • Due Diligence and Internal Audits