Past Event: 2023/03/01

Co-hosted by Grant Thornton Japan and Grant Thornton Netherland


国際課税の大改革であるBEPS2.0が加速する中、第2の柱(Pillar 2)の導入が進んでいます。

本セミナーでは、グラントソントン・オランダ事務所(Grant Thornton Netherland)の国際税務専門家により、OECDにおける第2の柱に関する最新動向、第2の柱への対応を踏まえた税務管理フレームワークの概要をご紹介します。


※ 本セミナーは日本語・英語での逐次通訳により行われます。
※ 当日のご参加が難しい場合でも、後日配信の録画をご覧いただけます。(別途ご案内)


Development of BEPS 2.0 is speeding, and Pillar 2 is right around the corner.
Netherlands and United Kingdom governments were the first to release Pillar 2 minimum tax
legislation in 2022, while the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are expected to
follow up shortly. In addition, the OECD released its long-anticipated implementation package
for Pillar 2 in December 2022. With all the new developments, it is expected that the first
Pillar 2 national law would come into force in 2024 in most of the countries. Japan is one of
the OECD members and has close business relationships worldwide who would most likely to
implement the Pillar 2. What would be the impact to your Group in global operation?  
What are the options and actions available to be prepared and be compliant?

We would like to walk you through the Pillar 2 developments and the latest updates,
and what does it mean to you. We will share our approach and brainstorm the implementation
options to you.

In addition, an overview of the global minimum tax in the "FY2023 Tax Reform Proposal" announced at the end of last year will be explained.

* English-Japanese consecutive interpretation will be provided.
* If you are unable to attend the seminar,  we will inform the recording at a later date.



日程: 3月1日(水)13:00~15:30(受付開始 12:30)







Date and time:Wednesday, 1 March 2023, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm (JST)
Venue:Online)Invitation link will be emailed prior to the seminar.
Charge:Free of charge (pre-registration is required)
Registration:Applications are no longer accepted
Co-hosted by Grant Thornton Japan and Grant Thornton Netherland



● ご挨拶 13:00~13:05
田中秀治|太陽グラントソントン税理士法人|代表社員 税理士

● 13:05~14:35
「OECD、ヨーロッパにおける第2の柱(Pillar 2)最新動向
講師:  Jacob Mook|Grant Thornton Netherland|Partner&Head of tax
           Christina Cheng|Grant Thornton Netherland|Director, Asian Desk

● 14:40~15:10
講師:篠原径子|太陽グラントソントン税理士法|パートナー 税理士
         竹村光広|太陽グラントソントン・アドバイザーズ株式会社|パートナー 公認会計士

● クロージング 15:10~ 



●Opening Remarks 13:00~13:05
Hideharu Tanaka|Grant Thornton Japan|Managing Partner, International Tax

“Pillar 2 and Update”
“European Tax Control Framework – an ISO certificate concept toward EU competent tax authorities.”
Speaker:Jacob Mook|Grant Thornton Netherland|Partner&Head of Tax
       Christina Cheng|Grant Thornton Netherland|Director, Asian Desk

“Overview of Pillar 2 global minimum tax in the "FY2023 Tax Reform Proposal”
Speaker:Michiko Shinohara|Grant Thornton Japan|Partner, International Tax
       Mitsuhiro Takemura|Grant Thornton Japan|Partner, CPA

●Closing Remarks 15:10~



セミナー事務局 担当:田代、原田