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Cross-border Tax Due Diligence and Reorganization

To be able to meet the tight deadlines involved with cross-border M&A, it is important to have a strong network of overseas tax professionals.

Tax due diligence

It is important to understand the tax position of a target company as the potential tax risks involved can have a significant impact on the decision to proceed with a transaction. A strong overseas network is vital in order to understand the differences in customs and laws in different jurisdictions and their effect on the process.

In conjunction with a global network of Grant Thornton member firms, we provide timely cross-border tax due diligence with final reports in English or Japanese as required.


It is vital to consider the tax impact when deciding how to integrate a target company or group into your existing business. We can advise you on an optimal tax structure from a global tax perspective in conjunction with our worldwide member firms.

Cross-border reorganization consulting

With overseas expansion comes increasing risks for tax to be lost through intra-group transactions  and cross-border sales. With our network of member firms, Grant Thornton will advise on how to achieve tax savings across your group, both domestic and overseas, based on a review of your business and trading partners, including ideas for cross-border restructuring.


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